Our Fruit Varieties

We thought hard about which varieties to cultivate on our orchard. We've selected many heirlooms that have been passed down for generations, and our new cultivars will win you over with that perfect, juicy bite. Because each varietal greets the harvest season on its own schedule, availability across our apples and pears will vary.

  • Ashmead’s Kernel apples

    First planted in the early 1700s in England, Ashmead’s Kernel apples have a fine-grain flush and are high in acid and sugar. As a smaller relative of the Golden Russet apple, what they lack in looks, they make up in flavor—spicy, complex, tart, and intense! Harvested late October, and available late October through December.

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  • Bartlett pears

    Crunchy, tart, and slightly gritty when mature and first harvested, Bartlett pears develop a juicy, smooth, buttery texture with a sweet flavor when fully ripe. Harvested mid to late August, and available late August through December.

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  • Black currants

    We grow Whistler, Blackcomb, and Stikine varieties, all known for their excellent juice flavor. Widely grown in Europe, black currants are highly nutritious and versatile. Eat them fresh by the handful, jam or juice them, or add dried currants to baked goods. Harvested mid-July, and available mid-July through the beginning of August.

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  • Bulmer’s Norman cider apples

    The first cider apple discovered in Normandy, the yellow-green Bulmer’s Norman was imported to England in the early 1900s. Known for their intense and bitter tannins, these apples are great for cider blends to add body and texture. Harvested late October, and available late October through December.

  • Cosmic Crisp apples

    A cross between Enterprise and Honey Crisp, this apple is the result of 20 years of research by Washington State University’s apple breeding program. Large, crisp, and super juicy, these apples are perfect for eating fresh and baking. They have a natural balance of acid and sugar for unmatched sweetness. Harvested in October, and available October through January.

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  • Dabinett cider apples

    A small English cider apple with high quality, bittersweet juice and red-striped skin. Dabinett apples have a strong aroma and a distinctive taste. Harvested November, and available November through December.

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  • D'Anjou pears

    An all-purpose pear with a mild and aromatic taste. D’Anjous are a favorite of chefs due to their many culinary uses. These are great for snacking, slicing fresh into salads, backing into pies, or pureeing into sauces. Harvested early to mid-September, and available mid-September through January.

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  • Gala apples

    The most aromatic apple we grow, Galas originated in New Zealand in the 1930s. A smaller apple that’s just right for lunch boxes, Galas are crisp, juicy, very sweet, and a proven favorite among children. We grow two varieties that vary in taste and color, Crimson and Buckeye. Harvested late August, and available late August through January.

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  • Golden Russet apples

    An exceptionally versatile apple, Golden Russets are sought after for cider making, fresh eating, and baking. They have a firm flesh, a honeyed flavor with a touch of citrus, and store well. These apples were grown commercially in New York in the mid-1800s. Harvested mid-October, and available mid-October through January.

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  • Harrison cider apples

    An American apple variety grown primarily for cider (sweet or hard), these apples are one of a few varieties that have a harmonious balance of flavors. Their tannins—which bring bitterness, combined with sugar and sharp acid is the hallmark of good cider. Harvested early October, and available early October through December.

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  • Honeycrisp apples

    Honeycrisps are a crowd favorite. A medium to large apple with an exceptionally crisp, juicy, white flesh it was developed at the University of Minnesota. These apples have a balanced content of sugar and acid giving a sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending on the maturity of the fruit. For the strongest flavor, we recommend storing Honeycrisps in the refrigerator. They also make a distinctive juice and sauce. Harvested mid-September, and available September through December.

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  • Herefordshire Redstreak cider apples

    Herefordshire Redstreaks were propagated in England by Lord Scudamore in the 1600s from a pip he brought back from France when he was ambassador. The fruit is medium-sized and green with a characteristically red-streaked appearance. Cider-makers prize this fruit because it produces a reddish, bitter-sharp juice, with high tannin and acid content. Harvested early November, and available November through January.

  • Jonagold apples

    This apple has a juicy flesh and unique balance of honey-tart flavor with a hint of spice and crisp. Our Jonagolds are known for their beauty and large size. One of Europe’s most loved apples for eating fresh, they also make wonderful juice. Harvested mid-September, and available mid-September through December.

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  • Jonathan apples

    Discovered in New York in the 1700s, Jonathon apples are widely regarded as one of the best flavored American heirloom varieties. With a pleasant balance of sweet and sharp flavors, they’re a popular apple for desserts and pies, and they store well. Harvested late September, and available late September through October.

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  • Kingston Black cider apples

    Known for its bitter sharp juice, Kingston Blacks make a great standalone varietal cider. They are aromatic with a sweet acid flavor and an astringent aftertaste. For cider use only—unless you’re brave enough to take a bite! Harvested October, and available October through November.

  • Roxbury Russet apples

    Believed to be the oldest cultivar bred in the U.S., Roxbury Russet apples were first discovered in the mid-1600s. A sweet apple with some tartness, they make an excellent cider but are also great for eating fresh. Harvested October, and available October through November.

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  • Stayman apples

    This apple has an exceptional eating quality and a memorable tart, rich, wine-like taste. They have firm yellow flesh, coarse texture, and keep well. Some say they smell like cinnamon. Harvested late October, and available late October through January.

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  • SugarBee apples

    SugarBee apples are a cross between Honeycrisps and an unknown pollinator. Their juicy, aromatic flesh gives a nice snap with every bite and just the right amount of sweetness. Harvested mid-September, available from select grocery stores only.

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