• How many apple trees does Whitestone Mountain Orchard have?

    Our 100-acre orchard is home to 30,000 apple trees and 10,000 pear trees.

  • How many varieties of apples and pears are planted?

    We currently grow 15 kinds of apples and pears.

  • Does Whitestone Mountain Orchard make hard cider?

    We do! We’re huge cider fans and are always tinkering with a new recipe. We plan to bottle and sell our own cider in 2023 — sign up for emails & stay tuned!

  • What are Hal and Claire’s favorite apples?

    Claire grew up on Galas (and still eats a Gala a day), but Ashmead’s Kernel has become her clear favorite. Hal prefers Jonagold apples, sweet, a bit sharp, tangy, crunchy, and versatile – he cannot understand why it isn’t everyone’s favorite.

  • Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes! A gift card is a great way to introduce someone to our fruit and let them decide which ones they want to taste first. Purchase gift cards online.

  • What is regenerative agriculture?

    Put simply, regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that helps—not hurts—the earth. It’s what we practice on our orchard, and it’s allowed us to rebuild organic matter in the soil, increase soil biodiversity, and improve the water cycle on our land. Not only does it restore ecosystem health and contribute to slowing climate change, but it also results in healthier fruit for you! Truly a win-win.

  • What is the Real Organic certification?

    The Real Organic certification goes beyond the absence of pesticides and acknowledges organic farming techniques that promote soil health and quality. Over time, the definition of organic has become narrower, according to regulatory agencies like the USDA, and applied to hydroponic produce that’s grow without soil. The Real Organic certification draws the distinction between organic produce that meets the lowest criteria of the definition, often grown by big agribusinesses, versus organic produce grown in a way that benefits the soil, the farmer, and the consumer.

  • How can I order cider apples?

    Interested in making your own hard cider at home? We can provide the best cider apples for your home brew. To order, please contact us at whitestonemountainorchard@gmail.com and we can coordinate a drop-off of apples in the Puget Sound region.

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