How We Grow

A just and sustainable food system

It’s one thing to say we believe in a just and sustainable food system, and it’s quite another to help it take shape. Everything we do at Whitestone Mountain Orchard is driven by our mission to cultivate the highest quality produce. We’re dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices and producing organic fruit not only because it tastes better, but because it’s better for the people and world around us.

We take these four principles to heart and use them to guide our business:

  • Viable, local farms feed local folks
  • Affordable, organic produce keeps us healthy
  • Biodiversity is the foundation of a flourishing ecosystem
  • Using all fruit from the orchard reduces waste

Organic fruit, orchard fresh

All our fruit is certified organic and grown using regenerative agriculture practices. We produce multiple varieties of apples and pears, as well as currants, picked fresh and delivered to you at the height of ripeness.

We're Real Organic

The Real Organic Project is a national farmer-led organization established in 2018 to increase transparency in the food system and strengthen and protect the integrity of the organic movement from corporate lobbying that has weakened organic standards. We are proud to be one of the first 1000 farms to be Real Organic certified. Real Organic produce is grown in healthy soils, and Real Organic livestock lives on healthy pastures. A Real Organic Certification guarantees the consumer that the produce they are purchasing has been farmed in a way that nurtures people, the land, and communities, and it allows the consumer to help develop a food system that supports the viability of such farms.

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