An August Update

An August Update

Several years ago, I asked a fellow farmer what she most loves about farming and her reply was, “watching the story of each season unfold. If the farm season was a book, it would be a page turner every time!” I have found this to be so true, whether farming here in the Okanogan Highlands, on the north island of New Zealand, in Moscow, Idaho or on Whidbey Island.

This growing season with its extreme weather patterns, has proved to be no different, with both familiar and new challenges. These challenges serve as a reminder of the importance of closely observing and studying the interactions between all organisms on our farm (including humans!) and farming in a way that creates complex, interdependent relationships. These interdependent, symbiotic relationships are what keep the soil fertile, the plants healthy, the fruit rich in flavor and nutrients and the people who work on this farm thriving.

Our harvest this year will begin at the end of August and will continue until the middle of October. As varieties are harvested, they will become available to buy on our website.

NEW THIS YEAR (coming soon)!!! We are very excited to introduce a new product, 100% Organic Black Currant Powder made from the currants that we harvest in July. Truly a “SuperFood” with 2x more antioxidants than blueberries.

Thank you for continuing to support our work.

Claire and Hal

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